We provide expertise and an extension of your resources to complete projects on time and as desired in many areas such as design, synthesis, verification, simulation, Place and Route, test and with the tape-out of the design and stimulus (vectors) along with the constraints (to meet the desired speed and area and package requirements).

Design – With Digital systems, design and verification are key in how they can take up a significant time and resources and cost to get it turned around with first-time silicon success. Companies are now doing FPGA designs as prototypes to reduce costs. Thereare some benefits to quick turn around but mass production costs are very high.

Verification – With simulations and Formal Verifications, we can test your designs to be more robustly. Catching these bugsupfront rather than later on can save tens and thousands of dollars in cost and personal costs and hundreds of hours in wasted time.

Test – We can check for DFT tool flow. This is a desirable feature for manufacturing but by integrating the DFT design upfront and helping our customers with a plan for TEST along with the design, we are also helping them with their back-end reliability and yield while facilitating the TEST methodology that is efficient and effective.


ASIC Solutions – All ASIC solutions need a more robust design and verification of functionality and of integrated IP functionality (sometimes the integration adds a level of complexity and unknowns that can be hard to debug). We have come up with a proprietary tool called SCOPE-IP that provides ease of IP integration and verification.

Because the ASIC solutions also incur lot of NRE costs and setup costs, we run through multiple tool suites for simulation and verification in addition to our customer adopted design methodology. This provides a cross-verification of our customer design and reduce the potential for bugs and improve the chances for first time silicon. For our premium customers, we are providing a “FIRST TIME WORKING SILICON” solution, as a way to ensure that we do everything possible so that the silicon works the very first time.

We also provide migration of designs from FPGAs to ASICs as well. The nuances that play into RTL coding styles, to architecture mapping of IP and other blocks from specific architecture blocks of an FPGA to a more elaborate and expansive ASIC options are not seamless right out of the box. We aim to provide SDC constraints that translate and transcend the FPGA constraints that our FPGA customers are experienced in.

FPGA Solutions – Expert in high speed and quick turnaround for Xilinx, Altera,Actel FPGA’s.

Quick turnaround, high speed designs are our expertise.

We provide full services for

  • RTL Coding – Verilog, VHDL
  • Implementation & Verification
  • Board Level Verification with FPGA
  • FPGA to ASIC Conversion